Developers Meet the Team

CSI Linux Contributors

Jeremy Martin

Bio: As a scum sucking contractor, Jeremy enjoys having fun reverse engineering code and building backdoors to get access to the most sensitive data. Being a Red Team SME and Sr. Cyber Investigator, he looks for a good time analysing an organization's flaws and identifying thier weaknesses.
LinkedIn: infosecwriter

Richard K. Medlin

Bio: Currently in the Marine Corps, Richard likes long strolls at a breach and reading beautiful code in the moonlight. Actually, he will read any code in any light... His interests include incident response, risk management, system exploitation, coding, fast cars, cigars, and puppies.
LinkedIn: richard-medlin1

Nitin Sharma

Bio: Bio: A passionate infosec practitioner and cloud security enthusiast. Coding and actively researching in Linux, Python, SecOps, OSINT and what not. In his freetime, he hits the gym and enjoys a healthy life.
LinkedIn: nitinsharma87

Matthew Swenson

Bio: Matt is looking for a that special suspect that needs some extra attention. Being masterful in the server room and a networking ninja, watch your vulerable services with this one. If you are into netflix and kill while streaming on Social media, watch out for this guy. He is a real catch(er).
LinkedIn: maswenson

Christopher Perini

Bio: Chris has the body of a Geek God and the tenacity of a pit bull that won't let go until the job is done. He is a good listener that catches the most minute detail. You don't have to "suspect" that you have been heard when talking with this one. From sweet sweet OSINT to both forensics and risk assessments, you know you are in safe hands.
LinkedIn: N/A

Mark Martinez

Bio: Mark is a virtual rockstar with a pendency to create magic from the mundane. Looking for a long term distribution for stability, you can count on him to be there for you. If you want to grab some GRUB, give this one a shout.
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