Features Tools List

Licensed tools (You may need to purchase):
* CSI Tools
* Hunchly 2
* Maltego

Custom Features: * CSI Tools (Online Investigation Tools)
- Username (Social Media & Adult) Search
- Twitter feed pull
- Domain and Website Analysis
- Centralized Evidence Capture
- Hash capture of evidence files
- Timestamped archive of evidence
- Bitcoin Wallet Lookup

* Downloads

Changes from Pre-January Analyst Beta
Added: ABE (Android Backup Extractor), ADB, AFLogical OSE, CSI Tools (Android/iPhone Forensics),FreePlane (MindMapping), Infoga, Instaloader, LittleBrother, NetworkMiner, OpenJDK-14, Sherlock, Spiderfoot, Volatility 3
Modified: CSI Tools, Menu options, Case management, Instaloader is now part of Socia Media - Username Search